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Vietnam – Phu Quoc

Hello again, I am back from Vietnam and that means only one thing: New blog post! Well, I expected applause or something but I guess I can’t have everything.

I’ve spent 15 days in South Vietnam over Christmas na New Years Eve. Why Vietnam? Well, to be honest, I just wanted to get out of cold Taiwan to get more sun and Vietnam was the cheapest option (just 100 euro for return ticket).

Me and my dorm mate Michael arrived to Ho Chi Minh city and  head out  to Phu Quoc island near Cambodian border. The plan was to enjoy beaches, have some party and celebrate Christmas here. And I have to say – we wouldn’t  find better place to do so. The island is quite big but the main area is concentrated in Duong Dong city. It’s quite easy to meet new people, just head to a first of many bars near the beach. That’s where we met the Swedish people. And that’s when things started to be a little bit crazy.

Now, we met a lot of people on the island, heard a lot of stories and most of what happened on the island stayed on the island. But this is too hilarious to be forgotten. For the sake of anonymity, I won’t be stating real names (After all, there might be some law implications :D).  The Swedish guys consist of couple Jörgen and Cecilia and Cecilia’s step sister Inga.  The second night we went with the Swedish guys to the Rory’s. Rory’s bar is the party centre of the island. If you meet someone during the day, you will probably find them in the evening hanging out in the bar.

The night went down nice, I’ve met some people, had a few beers, played some pool. Only after I left the party, things went bad pretty quickly. Jörgen had a fight with some Russians (probably) and after that Vietnamese who tried to stop them (as later commented “These asians know their karate shit”). Finally he and his girlfriend were thrown out and went home.  It was Jörgen’s birthday that day. The hotel staff was so nice that they made a birthday cake for him. They had no idea what a huge mistake it was. After dragging her boyfriend to the hotel room Cecilia was so angry with him, she took the cake and smashed it into his face. I always thought that this kind of stuff only happens in cartoons. What they don’t show in the cartoons is the aftermath. The cake was everywhere in the room and Jörgen couldn’t hear on one ear for the next few days. He actually had to go to doctor to take out peace of strawbery out of it. Next time, use the vanilla cake. You would probably think this is the end of the story. Well not quite yet.

For illustration purposes. Friendly advice – don’t use chocolate cake in a cake fight

After the incident, Cecilia left the room looking for some other place to stay. After all, the room was full of cake and one angry boyfriend. But when she couldn’t find any place she went back. The doors were already locked and Jörgen was in a deep sleep. He didn’t react to banging on the door, but the neighbour did. A big Russian guy just in his boxer shorts came out of his room and without saying anything kicked in the door. The lock flew to the other side of the room and Russian guy went back to his bed. So much for the Russian stereotype. The Russian probably looked like this (haven’t arrived on cookie though).

So that was our second day on the island. The rest of days went in a similar fashion. I still managed to travel most of the island on motorcycle, but rest of people just relaxed on the beach, preparing for the next party. Even though the island is not really big, there are still places to see. I went to the north of the island on the four lane highway occupied by nobody but cows. I went to explore the waterfalls and springs on the island and tasted the rice wine with locals. Actually I tasted the rice wine twice, once on the way up to the spring and then on the way down. So I was driving back home a little bit tipsy.

Rice wine with locals

Rice wine with locals

On Christmas day (24th) me and Michael booked a ticket for a boat ride to the southern islands with booze and food included. As always, Michael couldn’t make it because the tour started too early, at 10 am. But it was a lot of fun anyways. The important thing is to book the tour at the right place. I booked it at the hostel where all the backpackers stayed. So the boat was full of young people and it was much more fun. First, we stopped on the abandoned tropical island, made Christmas tree and a snowman out of coconut (named Wilson). On the boat there were mostly people from Europe: Germany, Netherlands, Ukraine, Italy and Ireland. It kind of reminded me the family meeting on Christmas, because there is always this family fuck up who ruins the Christmas for everyone. And if Europe would be the family, Ireland would be most definitely the fuck up. They got so drunk that one of them wanted to go “to the woods” but choose route directly through floor on which were people eating their fish and stepped on it.  In the end we had to drag him back on the boat and also keep him from molesting the tour guide.


On 26th we unfortunately had to say good buy to Phu Quoc and go back to Ho Chi Minh city. It was great experience but it’s time to move on. I cover the rest of the trip in the next article, so stay tuned!

One last story in the end:

Remember Cecilia and Jörgen? We met them again in a bar Ho Chi Minh city. While we went for a beer outside they stayed in for some pool game with Chinese. After 20 minutes we see them half walking, half running from the bar.  “We had some dispute over the pool game with the Chinese and Cecilia threw handful of pool chalk in their faces. So we are kind of in hurry. See ya! “

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